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McCook School Board Meeting 2-13

16-Feb-2017 / Josh
McCook Public Schools held their School Board Meeting on Monday night. The top three agendas can be heard by clicking the link below.  

First Rabies Case for 2017 in Southwest Nebraska

16-Feb-2017 / SWNPHD
Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department (SWNPHD) has confirmed the first positive rabies

case in Nebraska for the year. “In 2016, a total of 19 confirmed rabies cases occurred in Nebraska,”

states Melissa Propp, RN, Surveillance Coordinator at SWNPHD. “Southwest Nebraska had

recorded 16% of the states total. We had 25% of the state cases in 2015 and continue to be an area

of elevated concern.”

This case of rabies involves a skunk and is located in Furnas County. “Rabies is a deadly virus

infection that affects the nervous system of humans and other mammals,” explains Propp. People

get rabies from the bite of an animal with rabies. Any wild mammal, like a raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote,

or bat, can have rabies and transmit it to people. According to the Center for Disease Control, rabies

is a medical emergency. Any wounds should be immediately washed with soap and water. They

should also receive medical attention from a health care professional.

“Vaccination is the best protection for keeping your pets safe,” states Propp. “We recommend that

residents contact their local veterinarian to make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current. In addition,

please be careful around stray or strange animals. If an animal bites you, and it is safe to do so, catch

the animal and contact your veterinarian for testing. It may save you the pain and cost of Rabies


Animals with rabies may act differently from healthy animals. Wild animals may move slowly or may

act as if they are tame. A pet that is usually friendly may snap at you or may try to bite. If you are

around an animal which displays any of the below signs of rabies, move yourself and others to safety.

o aggression

o increased drooling

o problems swallowing

o general sickness

o changes in an animal’s behavior

If you discover a dead wild animal that may have infected your pets:

 Remove the animal from the area by using a shovel, wearing gloves and placing carcass in a

plastic bag

 Wash your hands in soap and water after taking off your gloves

 Avoid direct contact between the carcass and the person

 Disinfect tools, cages, gloves and other surfaces potentially contaminated with saliva, nervous

tissue or blood with a 10 percent solution of household bleach in water

Contact your local veterinarian and public health department in regards to rabies testing and


Southwest Nebraska Public Health Department serves Chase, Dundy, Frontier, Furnas, Hayes,

Hitchcock, Keith, Perkins and Red Willow counties. For more information call Melissa Propp, RN at

308-345- 4223 or email . SWNPHD is located at 404 West 10 th Street,

McCook – one block north of Arby’s and 501 Broadway, Imperial – entrance on 5 th Street. You can

also follow SWNPHD on and Twitter@swpublichealth.

Keystone XL Pipeline Seeking Approval For a Route Through Nebraska

16-Feb-2017 / AP
The developer of the Keystone XL pipeline is once again seeking approval for a route through Nebraska. TransCanada said Thursday that it has filed an application with the state commission that regulates oil pipelines.
The company's previous attempts to start construction in Nebraska have been thwarted by activists and some landowners who worry about its environmental impact. Opponents have already met to discuss how they can halt the project.
The Keystone XL would travel from Canada through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, where it would connect with an existing Keystone pipeline network to carry crude oil to Texas Gulf Coast refineries.
Republican President Donald Trump has said he supports the pipeline, and last month he signed executive memos to make it easier for the project to move forward.

MPCC Spring Sunday College

16-Feb-2017 / MPCC
General education requirements can be fulfilled in just eight weeks at Mid-Plains Community College.

MPCC will offer Elements of Statistics and Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking as part of the Sunday College program during the second half of the spring term, which begins March 12.

Sunday College allows students to skip weekday time in the classroom by sitting in on classes on Sunday afternoons and evenings instead. The rest of the assignments and coursework can be done online, via e-mails with instructors.

The on-campus component is offered through classrooms in McCook and North Platte and via distance learning at MPCC campuses in Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala and Valentine.

All Sunday College classes are designated as “academic transfer,” which means they should be accepted for academic credit at any regional college or university.

Those interested in learning more about Sunday College, or in registering for the program, can visit the college’s website at:

They can also contact Heather Pucket, area student advisor, at 535-3710 or for more information.

Registration Open For Second round of Spring Classes at MPCC

16-Feb-2017 / MPCC
Registrations are being accepted for the second round of eight-week spring classes at Mid-Plains Community College. Some classes begin as early as March 12.

Many can be taken either online or via distance learning. Students can sign up for any of them the first week they are offered. A complete list of courses can be found online at

Some of the classes available include:

BIOS 1600: Current Issues in Biology – The course reflects issues discussed in the current world of science. Topics can cover cancer, biological terrorism, HIV/AIDS, emerging infectious diseases, stem cells, Alzheimer’s and the human genome. Studies reflect the scientific and historical basis, current status and effect on society.

BSAD 1010: Personal and Professional Development – The class emphasizes the relationship between image/social awareness and job success. It covers on-the-job situations of problem-solving, time management, goal setting, business etiquette, listening skills, work groups and the relationship between productivity and job attitude. A major emphasis is placed on developing productive work ethics.

BSAD 1090: The Job Application Process – The instruction is designed to provide all students with the tools and skills to develop an effective job search campaign. Topics include, but are not limited to, methods of finding a job, resume preparation, the development of customized application letters, interview techniques and preparation of follow-up communications. Students utilize word processing skills.

CSCE 1604: Introduction to Microsoft Word – The course is an introduction to basic features of the Microsoft Word software program. Special attention is given to the utilization of graphics, templates, report styles, tables and WordArt. There is a $5 fee.

CSCE 1644: MS Office Excel – The course is designed to provide the fundamental skills and concepts of using Excel spreadsheet software in a hands-on environment. Students benefit from a step-by-step approach. The class fee is $5.

EMTL 1110: CPR Rescuer - The course is intended to provide the student with training, as an individual or as a team member, to administer adult, child and infant CPR. Use of an
AED, pocket mask and bag valve mask is also included. The class fulfills the CPR requirement for most health-related trainings. The $15 fee covers the cost of a book and a two-year certification card.

ENGL 0990: College Prep Writing - College Prep Writing is a review of grammar and sentence writing skills including use of words, parts of speech, parts of a sentence, agreement of subject and verb, punctuation of sentences, vocabulary development and paragraph development. The course strengthens English proficiency before attempting college composition.

ENGL 1020: English Composition II – The class focuses on extended source-based writings and projects, including a required research paper. An emphasis is put on organizational strategies for research, the integration of multiple resources and the ethical use of information to produce informative and/or argumentative texts.

MATH 0900: Elementary Algebra – The course reviews real number operations, algebraic expressions, exponents, the solving of linear equations, graphing, operations with polynomials, solving quadratics and solving word problems.

MATH 1150: College Algebra – This course is the study of relations, functions and their graphs, equations and inequalities, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities.

MUSC 1010: Music Appreciation – The class is an introduction and overview of the history of Western art music, from the Middle Ages to modern times. It includes the elements of music, historical style periods and major composers and selected works.

NURA 1100: Nursing Assistant – This course trains a non-licensed individual to provide safe, effective and caring services to patients, resident and clients in a variety of health care settings. Upon successful completion, students receive a certificate from MPCC and qualify for placement on the State of Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry. The fee is $5.

PHIL 1150: Intro to Logic and Critical Thinking - Students encounter an analytical method of language analysis, logic, fallacies, construction of valid arguments, the notion of evidence, relevant questioning and problem-solving techniques.

PHED 1240: Golf – The one-credit hour, co-educational course is designed to introduce students to the sport of golf. Emphasis is placed on fundamental etiquette, skill techniques, rules and history of the leisure sport of golf. Students participate in the activity individually and within a group. The fee is $10.

PHED 1260: Beginning Yoga – The co-educational course is designed to promote balance and strength for the body and mind. The class combines breathing, stretching and positive affirmations to relax the body and mind while creating strength and tone for total body wellness.

UPHR 1670: Couch Reconstruction and Upholstering – This class teaches frame and spring repair, pad replacement and how to recover large projects. The fee is $35.

It’s strongly recommended that those who want to register for a class make an advising appointment first by calling (308) 535-3701 in North Platte or (308) 345-8102 in McCook.

MPCC provides numerous scholarships, grants and loans to qualified students. More information about financial assistance is available by calling (308) 535-3705 in North Platte or (308) 345-8112 in McCook.

MPCC Dean’s List

17-Jan-2017 / MPCC
The following students qualified for the Dean’s List during the 2016 Fall Term at Mid-Plains Community College. To be eligible, they had to complete 12 or more applicable credit hours of college-level courses and maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 – 3.89 on a 4.0 scale.


Ainsworth - Whittney Pirnie

Alliance - Jordan Mills

Brady - Allison Hood, Brant May, Josie Palmer, Nathaniel Sitorius

Burwell - Shane Weber

Champion - Richard Stolz

Chappell - Stefanie Mitchell

Cozad - Jenna Hall, Elisha Keim

Culbertson - Grant Wilkinson

Dunning - Tanner Freeman, Blake Knaub, Joel Van Diest

Farnam - Austin Boller

Gothenburg - Madison Gilg

Grant - Caden Picquet, Heather Soper
Hayes Center - Alex Lawson

Hershey - Eric Boggs, Ashlee Pierce

Imperial - Kinberlyn Benitez Aguilar, Charlie Carter Celeste Juarez

Kearney - Jessica Eckhout, Jasmine Johnsey

Lexington - Luis Esquivel Saldana

Litchfield - Justine Pickar

Maxwell - Dalton Riedel

Maywood - Dalton Littell

McCook - Skyler Cappel, Rebekah Huff, Chase Hurdle, Emily Karr, Bailey Kool, Ashley Laurie, Natalie Marks, Tanner O'Neill, Kathryn Weiser

Merna - Cassidy Goodman

Mullen - Breanna Daly

North Platte - Brayden Aufrecht, Tracy Blake, Carrie Boltz, Camerin Burtle, Kayla Bush, Alexander Cahill, Adam Dobesh, Ivan Dobesh, Roberta Eller, Jessica Fernandez, Javan Hansen, Cody Harrison, Micaelia Hernandez, Anthony Hill, Morgan Hoaglund, Jennifer Keck, Skyler King, Jason Kosmicki, Brittany Lamb, Kiersten Lange, Cole Lewis, Alexander Lopez, Summer Malsbury, Stephanie Manka, Susan Marquez, Justin Mayfield, Stephen Monfee, Justin Morgan, Taylor Pantenburg, Andrew Pavelka, Robert Pavelka, Austin Phillips, Bryson Phillips, Kylan Rhodes, Sean Richter, Lori Russ, Alexis Vaughn, Ryan Walsh, Taylor Wiese, Sarah Woodhead

Ogallala - Lisa Birge, Kaitlin Cipperley, Christina Fitzpatrick, Skylar Lapp, Kristani Mitchell,

Omaha - Nicolas Jack

Oshkosh - Steven Carlton

Papillion - Garrett Heinert

Paxton - Lane Bergen, Carlos Zuniga

Sidney - Alexander Maestas

Stamford - Alicia Joppa

Stratton - Rebecca Lorens, Kyle Newcomb
Stromsburg - Kayla Hackenkamp

Taylor - John Schroder

Valentine - Crystal Homan, Carolyn Petersen

Wallace - Hayley Storm

Whitman - Charmane Macomber, Shania Macomber


Eagle River - Katrina Arthen


Tucson - Darla Chessmore


Carlsbad - Christine Hancock


Brighton - Erin Renwick

Englewood - Lauren Pritchard

Frederick - Samantha Foster, Antonia Villani

Haxtun - Deborah Kurtzer

Lakewood - Breanna Martinez


Cocoa - A'leah Davis

Lake Worth - Mike Amius

Titusville - Shevelle Bailey


Hartwell - Toby League


Malad - Emma Sands


Atwood - Jaelynn Sis

Phillipsburg - Trenton Solida

Wamego - Adam Patterson

Wheaton - Tyler Murray


Sikeston - Erica Latrice Peet

New Mexico

Moriarty - Eileen Kugler

New York

New York - Ronald Rice


Cibolo - Samuel Kearns

San Antonio - Loren Lealiiee

Sugar Land - Alexandra Holm


Taylorsville - Kaylee Wengren


Montesano - Jeffery Smith


Rolling Hills - Emmye Bruno

Bahamas - Godfrey Rolle

Australia - Melissa Hall

Canada - Tyler Cox, Jason Hill, Connor McCrea, Michael Sookdeo, Tanner Zeggil

MPCC announces President’s List

17-Jan-2017 / MPCC
The following students qualified for the President’s List at Mid-Plains Community College during the 2016 Fall Term. To make the list, each student had to complete 12 or more applicable credit hours in college-level courses and maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.9 or greater on a 4.0 scale.


Arnold - Isaak Cole

Aurora - Taylor Stettner

Axtell - River Straatmann

Bellevue - Allison Tichy

Benkelman - FayeLee Sanford

Brule - Lydian Shipp

Cambridge - MiKayla Kent

Cozad - Michael Cannon

Edison - Kaylea Watson

Ellsworth - Mickenzie Brennan

Fairbury - Thomas Osienger

Hayes Center - Joseph Anderjaska

Hershey - Madison Hoatson

Imperial - Eric Chavira, MaKenna Ketter, Cheyanne Kuhlmann, Alyssa Moreno, Wayne Musick, Kent Silvester

Maxwell - Elizabeth Elia

Mccook - Samuel Backer, Regina Burns, Whitni Davis, Ahria Golden, Joseph Hamrick, Molly Hardin, Katelyn Kinne, Jessica Premer, Allison Priddy, Nikki Riddle, Natasha Ruppert, Caleb Suda, Victoria Tietz, Jessica Wilcox

Mullen - Jessica Lovitt

North Platte - Charles Anderson, Duelly Baxter, Kenneth Beman, Shelby Bokoskie, Noah Broman, Terry Brown, Justin Cosler, Tyler Erickson, Andrew Feeney, Chelsey Fessler, Gabriel Gonzales, Kimberli Harmon, Matthew Kellie, Bryson Krull, Zane Leibhart, Dru Linderman, Meghan Manary, Robert Markley, Charles Martin, Jaedyn Michaels, Kasey Morland, Rhett Nordquist, Dylan Petersen, Andrew Phares, Dalton Prokop, Mindy Schmadeke, Katie Slattery, Christopher Smith, Ian Smith, Teresa Smith, Dillon Thompson, Soha Vaziri, Kandace Ward, Caitlyn Whitmore, Emma Young

Ogallala - Justine Gall

Omaha - Denae Simpson

Sargent - Rowdy Moon

Sidney - Mikenna Curlee

Silver Creek - Trey Engel

Stapleton - Ashley Starr

Sutherland - Ashlie Walters

Thedford - Shaylee Scranton

Wauneta - Colby Cox

Whitman - Shayna Kramer


Homer - McKinzie Needham


Poway - Bradley Anderson


Colorado Springs - Dylann Bylund

Fleming - Megan Chintala, Elayna Muller

Fort Morgan - Brooklyn Krehmeyer

Holyoke - MegAnn Hadeen

Julesburg - Noah Blochowitz

LaSalle - Samantha Gill

Otis - Antonya Schaffert

Peyton - Sierra Leon

Snyder - Shelby Wolever


Malad City - Taya Thorpe


Oberlin - Andrew Wade

Shawnee - Gabriel Castel


Lafayette - Keith Epps


Framingham - Nathan Duda

Wareham - Andrew White


Albert Lea - Pence Upchurch


North Las Vegas - Lindsey Fishman


Plano - Caroline Delatour

San Antonio - Lexa Lealiiee

Canada - Sarah Beaton, Christopher Bellemare, Angelica Evans

Poland - Wiktor Jakub Sewiol

Sweden - David Niklasson

2017 Will Be Another Compact Call Year In The Republican Basin

03-Jan-2017 / Josh Keenportz
The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources once again will close surface water appropriations in the Republican River Basin for 2017. NDNR announced Friday that 2017 will be another Compact Call Year in the Republican basin, and that the necessary surface water appropriations upstream of the Guide Rock Diversion Dam will remain closed until further notice. In a Compact Call Year, extra groundwater and surface water management steps are judged necessary to help Nebraska remain in compliance with the interstate Republican River Compact of 1943. This will be the fifth straight Compact Call Year for Nebraska, which has struggled at times to remain in compliance with the compact and has defended itself against two lawsuits by Kansas alleging that Nebraska was overusing its rightful share of Republican water. In August, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado agreed that in Compact Call Years going forward, Nebraska will be required to deliver Kansas only the volumes of water it needs and can use in that year. Additional water could be delivered to Kansas later as necessary.

Nebraska's Population Hits 1.9 million

27-Dec-2016 / Josh Keenportz
Nebraska's population has topped 1.9 million for the first time ever, and the state's growth rate matched the national rate. New U.S. Census estimates released Tuesday December 20th show that Nebraska grew 0.7 percent to reach 1,907,116 on July 1. Nebraska's growth rate matched the national rate between last July and this July. University of Nebraska at Omaha's Center for Public Affairs Research says the latest figures suggest Nebraska has a decent chance to keep all three of its U.S. House seats after the 2020 Census.

One of Two Inmates Caught

27-Dec-2016 / Josh Keenportz
Authorities say one of two inmates who went missing from the Work Ethic Camp in McCook has been caught. The Department of Correctional Services said in a news release Sunday that 20-year-old Andrew Russell is in custody in South Dakota. No other details were provided. Russell had been convicted of two drug offenses in Dawes County. The second inmate, 35-year-old Charles Canady, remains at large. He was convicted of crimes in four counties. The two men were discovered missing when a head count was conducted at 10:50 p.m. Wednesday. Security video shows the two walking away from the camp around 5:30 p.m. The department describes the camp as a minimum-security facility for inmates evaluated as being able to work in the community with intermittent supervision.
McCook Humane Society
Quality Urgent Care